10 Dialogue for PEC Examination

10 Dialogue for PEC Examination
1. You want to know how your spends his leisure time.***
Friend: Hello! I am from “Campus Life” magazine. Can I ask you some questions?
Samia : Sure. What do you want to know?
Friend: What’s your name?
Samia : Samia.
Friend: What class do you read in?
Samia : I read in class five.
Friend: How do you spend your leisure time?
Samia : In my leisure time, I read story books. Sometimes I read English
newspaper. It makes me strong in English.
Friend: Thank you very much.
Samia : You are welcome.
2. You want to know the way to the bus station/library/school/hospital/post office/book shop.***
Samia: Excuse me.
Man : Yes. How can I help you?
Samia: Could you please tell me where is the —————./how can I get the ————–.
Man : It is on the college road, next to the post office.
Samia: Thank very much.
Man : No mention.

3. You want to introduce yourself to someone.**
Adnan : Hello! May I introduce myself? I am Adnan.
Samia : Hi! I am Samia.
Adnan : Where are you from, Samia?
Samia : I am from Dhaka. Where are you from?
Adnan : I am from Comilla. What class do you read in?
Samia : I read in class five. What about you?
Adnan : I read in class five.
Samia : Nice to meet you.
Adnan : Nice to meet you too.

4. You want someone to lend you a dictionary/a book/a pencil.**
Adnan : Hello! Samia. How are you?
Samia: Fine, thank you and you?
Adnan : Fine, thank you. Could please lend me your dictionary/English book/pencil.
Samia: Yes, of course. Here you are.
Adnan : Thank you very much.
Samia: You are welcome.

5. You want someone to tell you a story.**
Samia : Grandma, could you please tell me a story?
Grandma : Sure. What type of story do you like?
Samia : Ghost story.
Grandma : Ok. But are you not afraid of ghosts?
Samia : No, I am not.
Grandma : Then, listen to me.
Samia : Thank you very much.
Grandma : Welcome.

6. You are late for the class. Ask for the permission of the teacher to join the class.*
Samia : May I come in sir?
Mr Alom : Yes, Samia. Why are you late?
Samia : I am sorry sir. I took my father to the doctor.
Mr Alom : Is your father ill?
Samia : Yes, sir. The doctor gave him some medicines.
Mr Alom : Ok. Come in. I hope he gets well soon.
Samia : Thank you, sir.
Mr Alom : welcome.
7. You want to watch TV. Ask permission from your mother.*
Samia : Mom!
Mother: Yes, dear.
Samia : Can I watch TV now?
Mother: Have you done your homework?
Samia : Yes, Mom.
Mother: Ok. But don’t watch for too long.
Samia : Thanks, Mom. I will watch for only an hour.
8. You want to find the ticket counter at railway station. Ask for help from another person at the station.***

Samia: Excuse me.
Man : Yes. How can I help you?
Samia: Could you please tell me where is the ticket counter.
Man : Over there, next to the confectionary.
Samia: Thank very much.
Man : No mention.
9. You have homework to do. You need help. Ask your father to help you.

Adnan: Daddy!
Father: Yes, dear.
Adnan: Can you help me?
Father: Sue. But how?
Adnan:I am doing my homework. But I can not understand it. Could you please help me to
understand it.
Father: Of course. Let me see it, first.
Father: Thanks, daddy.
10. You want to know someone’s favorite sports.
Adnan : Samia, do you like any games and sports?
Samia: Oh, yes. I like football very much,
Adnan : Well, I do both. What about you?
Samia: I like cricket. I love cycling, too.
Adnan : How often do go cycling?
Samia: Two or three times a week.
Adnan : Well, I love swimming! I go swimming regularly in summer.
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