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A Day Labuor

A day labourer is an unskilled person. He works in various fields. He works outdoor and usually employed in agricultural and constructional work. His work needs strength rather than skill. He works hard from dawn to dusk. He is generally paid at the end of the day. His income is very low and sometimes cannot earn even a reasonable wage. He usually lives in a slum and lives a sub-human life with his family. He goes out early in the morning to look for work. He works hard the whole day and buys food for his family. With his small earnings and returns home in the evening. Sometimes he and his family go without food if he cannot manage work. In harvesting season his work is in great demand and he can earn more. Then he can meet the bare necessaries of his life with his additional income. But in leisure period, when there is not much work for him, his conditions become worse. The life of a day labourer is full of sorrows and sufferings. He can hardly enjoy peace and happiness. In all weathers good and bad – he works hard all day long and earns his livelihood the sweat of his brow. Though the service of a day labourer is great importance, he is very much neglected. So pragmatic steps should be taken immediately to ensure jobs and shelter for this poorest of our population.

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