BCS English Preparation 2022 - iT English

BCS English Preparation 2022

1. Write an essay on any one of the following:

(a) The Importance of Press Freedom; (b) Health for all by the year 2000; (c) Cluster villages: (d) Problems of urban living in Bangladesh; (e) My school days: (f) Our export trade; (g) Folklore of Bangladesh; (h) Discipline.

2. Amplify the idea contanied in any one of the following:

(a) Honesty is the best policy. (b) A rolling stone gathers no moss. (c) A stitch in time saves nine.

3. Make a precis of the following and give it a title :

Providing-enough energy to meet an everincreasing demand is one of the greatest problems the world is now facing. Energy is the key to an industrialized economy, which calls for a doubling of electrical output every ten to twelve years. Meanwhile, the days of cheap. abundant and environmentally acceptable power may be coming to an end. Coal is plentiful but polluting: natural gas is scarce: oil is not found everywhere. Nuclear power now appears costly and risky. In many countries in the world, keen interest is being shown in new energy sources. Among the familiar but largely undeveloped sources, solar energy, geothmermal energy and energy from the ocean deserve special consideration. Scientists are working to find ways to tap the energy from the usn and the oceans. If they are successful, it will mean that we will have an abundant and uninterrupted supply of cheap energy. This energy will be clean and will not contribute to environmental pollution. Every country will be in a position to produce its own requirement of energy. Poor countries will not have to depend on rich countires for their supply of energy. For them, it will mean a rapid economic development.

4. Correct any ten of the following sentences :

(a) He announced that he will take the plane to Dhaka.

(b) They all rejected that idea of the Captain’s.

(c) He knew Mr. Khan stopped smoking five years before.

(d) Badal is the fastest of the two boys.

(e) The basket containing ten apples were made of cane.

(f) None of us are perfet.

(g) They came to meet my friend and I.

(h) We spent the evening like in the old days. (i) All the memebrs were not present. (1) On arriving in Dhaka, his friends met him at the station. (k) Dhaka University is sometimes called Oxford of the East.

(1) He said that the earth moved round the sun. (m) It has been raining since two days. (n) Walking down the road, a bus hit Mr. Khan.

(0) Shakespeare wrote many poetry.

4. Fill in the blanks in any ten of the

following sentences :

(a) He was accused-a crime he did not commit.

(b) This boy is good-mathematics.

(c) Please call-Mr. Khan tomorrow morning.

(d) I do not agree-my friend.

(e) He was convinced Mr. Khan’s innocence.

(f) We are always anxious-buy the best products in the market.

(g) The student was exempted-paying his fees.

(h) As he reached 18, the boy became

In independent-his father.

(i) Public servants should be answerable

the people.

(1) We congratulated the players their success.

breefoly (k) Do not insist-an answer.

(1) I am indebted-my fahter for

be supporting my venture. (m) The mother was proud-her son. (n) A new tax was imposed-cigarette.

(0) We are still short-the fund.

6. Make sentence with any five of the following:

(a) Care for: (b) Do away with; (c) Few and far between; (d) To turn the tide; (e) A castle in the air: (f) In black and white: (g) Through thick and thin; (h) A man of straw; (i) In vain.

Answer any five of the following:10 (a) Name two plays by Shakespare.

(b) Who are the authors of Great poy Expections, Far from the Madding Crowd and Ulysses?id)

(c) Name two great poets of the 20th Century and give the titles of two of their poems. (d) To which period of English literature did Alfred Lord Tennyson and Robert Browning belong?

(e) What do you mean by s symbol: an image?

(1) Show that you know the difference between these words: maid, made: course, coarse; loan, lone; need, knead.

(g) Bioligy is the study of the forms of life. What is theology, geology, astrology and zoology?

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