Completing Sentence Enough to ─ As-So long as

Completing Sentence Enough to ─ As-So long as

22. Enough to ─  

Subject + verb + adjective/adverb + enough + (for noun/pronoun) + to + verb¬1 + etc


1. The girl is intelligent enough to solve the problem.

2. The load is light enough for the boy to carry.


23. As/so long as ─( since; to the extended that )

Main clause + as long as + subordinate clause.

Or-As long as + subordinate clause + , + main clause.


1. You are safe as long as I am with you.

2. As long as there is law, criminals will be punished.

3.   Allah will be beside us as long as our purpose is honest. (only if)

4. We’ll go as long as the weather is good.

5. You can do whatever you like as long as you do not neglect your studies.