Dhaka Board 2019 Test Paper

Dhaka Board 2019

English Second Paper

1.   Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.
It is (a) ____ that the new century is now facing various challenge specially environmental (b) ___ Feeding the ever-growing population is (c) ___ first and foremost challenge for Bangladesh. It is very difficult to (d) ____ the current level of agricultural production. Because our agricultural land is being reduced due (e) ____ human habitat, industrialisation, river (f) _____ etc. Besides we are losing our forest gradually, Trees are being cut down (g) ____ resulting in (h) ____ increase of pollution. So it is (i) ____ to check the reckless alarming condition (j) ____ our own existence.
2.    Fill in the blanks with suitable words.  
Once a farmer had great desire. (a) ___ land. One day (b) ____ to the landlord, he wanted some land, he might live in comfort. The landlord was very wise. So he told him to have as much land as he could cover by running (d) ___ sun-set. The farmer became very pleased (e) ___ that. Next morning he started running as (f) ___ as the could to cover more area He ran till evening and the sun was (i) ___ there. Then the wiseman remarked a man needs just as much land as will be enough (j) ___ his give.
3.   Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.
It also
Of a person
a man without character.
As the crown of life.
psychological or ethical nature.
the combination of some good qualities.
mental or moral of  a person.
4.   Complete the following text with right form of the verbs given in the box. You can use one verb more than once.
Patriotism is a noble virtue. It (a) ____ a man to shat the last drop of blood to (b) ____ the freedom of his country. A man without patriotism (c) ____ not batter than a beast. A true patriot (d) ____ by all. He always (e) ____ for the welfare of his country. On the other head, the unpatriotic men (f) ___ only for their own interest. Those who (g) ___ for the country are true patriots. they (h) ___ even after their death. That is why, the freedom fighters who (i) ____ their lives in 1971 are remembered and (j) ____ forever.
5.   Change the narrative style of the following text.
“what is the time by your watch?’’ said an old man. I said, ’’it is half past nine’’. He said ‘’ I want to go to your house. Will you accompany me, please?’’ ‘’No. I am sorry because I am going to school, ‘’ said I.
6.   Change the sentences accounting to directions.
(a)           Man is the best creating of God (Comparative).
(b)           Isn’t it our responsibility to do good deeds? (Assertive)
(c)            Our life is not measured by months or years. (Active)
(d)           Honest people lead a happy life. (Complex)
(e)           It matters litter if a man lives many years or not (Interrogative)
(f)             Nobody is absolutely happy on the earth. (Affirmative)
(g)           So we should not waste time in vain. (Passive)
(h)           If use time properly, we can be benefited. (Simple)
(i)              All men must die. (Negative)
(j)              Though we take utmost care, we cannot avoid death. (Compound)
7.   Complete the sentence.
(a) Where there is a will, ____.
(b) if a man does not work head, ____.
(c) As the people of Bangladesh are hard working, ___.  
(d) ____ but now she has made a remarkable in her        G.D.P___.
(d) So, it is our bounden duty to ____.
8.   Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words give in the parentheses.
A good student is always (a) ____ (mind) to his student. He (respect) to his, (c) ___(teach) and superiors. He never (d) ___ (honour) anybody. He is free from (e) ____ (behaviour) and never rude to his classmates. As he is (f) ___ (study) he never wastes his time his vain. He is also sincere and listens to his teachers (g) ___ (attentive) so that can be (h) ___ (success) in life. His Punctuality and (i) ____ (determine) help him to (j) ___ take and solve difficult work or job.
9.   Make tag questions of these statements.
(a)           I am an SSC examinee, ___?
(b)           My expectation is gating A+, ___?
(c)            Some of my classmates become addicted to using mobile phone, ____?
(d)           They could not pass the test exam, ___?
(e)           Everybody hates them for this reason, ___? 
10.                     Completed the passage using suitable connectors.
A school magazine is a magazine (a) ____ is published by the school authority annually. It contains poems, articles essays and jokes. The publication of it is not an easy task (b) ___ it needs time energy and, money (c)___, a magazine committee is formed from the teachers and the student. The editor (d) ____, is selected or elected or elected by the co0mmittee members invites writings. (e) _____ good writing are selected for printing.
11.                     Use capitals and punctuation makes where necessary in the following text.
Have you heard the name of alexander asker mr ahmed on sir razu replied how strange it is said he will you tell me about alexander please well he was the great king of macedonia.

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