Rajshahi Board 2019 English Second Paper

Rajshahi Board 2019

English Second Paper


1.Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.

Road accidents have (a) ____ became a regular phenomenon in our country. As a result of the accidents, many persons full (b) ____ to untimely date. It is reported (c) ____ most of the accidents occur for (d) ___ violation of traffic rules, (e) ____ unskilled drivers and unconscious passers-by. Many unlicensed and (f) ___ vehicles also (g) ___ the passengers and the passer-by. So in order to save us from the accident in government is trying to create (h) ___ among the people and passed (i) ____ laws against the (j) ___.

2.Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Housing is one of the greatest. (a) ___ in our country. Thousands of people in big (b) ____ like Dhaka and Chattogram (c) ____ in the footpaths. In rural (d) ___ then is also an acute (e) ____ of housing. The cost of construction is (f) ____ day by day. At present are is very (g) ____ for the (h) ____ people to (i) ____ the cost of construction. So this problem (j) ___ to be solved soon.


3.Make five sentences using part of sentences from each column of the table below.

Become popular in our country.
a great appeal among the people all over the world.
Its popularity
Also seen playing cricket.
That of football.

4.Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs give in the box. You can use one verb more than once.

In an educational institution teacher-student
relationship is (a) ____ to be the most important matter. It is such a relationship that is (b) ____ on the basis of mutual (c) ___. A student always (d) ____ to his teachers because he cannot but (e) ____ help from them in care of (f) knowledge. The sentences never (g) ____ their teachers. Moreover, they (h) ___ their memorable teacher’s role which helps them (i) ____ in life. So they always (j) ___ their teachers.

5.Change the narrative style of the following text.

The students said “We want to celebrate the victory of the National Debate Competition’’. The Headmaster said, ‘’why? The student said, ‘’We want to make it memorable in our life’’. All necessary steps to arrange the function’’.
6.Change the sentences accounting to directions.
(a)Patriotism is a noble virtue. (Interrogative)
(b)It is the greatest of all virtues in a man’s life.
(c)It persuades a man to do everything just. (Negative)
(d)This quality highly motivates a man so that he can sacrifice his life for the country (simple)
(e)What and outstanding quality it is! (Assertive)
(f)A man having partition zeal is called a patriot. (Complex)
(g)A patriot fears none but he creator. (affirmative)
(h)By paying taxes he obeys the law. (Compound)
(i)He is respected by all. (Active)
(j)So, we should be patriots. (Imperative)

7.Complete the sentence.

(a)We should keep in mind that ____.
(b)If we are not healthy, ____.
(c)We most eat balanced diet so that ____.
(d)We should wear socks and shoes when ____.
(e)Nobody likes a man who ____.

8.Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words give in the parentheses.

Bangladesh is a (a) ____ (river) and (b) ____ (agriculture) country. So we ignore the (c) ____ (important) of rivers. Our agriculture is largely (d) ____ (depend) on the rivers. But we get (e) ____ (sufficient) water for use from the rivers. There are (f) ____ (differ) reasons behind it. At fast the water of many rivers (g) ____ up in summer. Again the water of some rivers is (h) ___ (extreme) poisonous. This poisonous water is (i) ____ (better) of our agriculture.

9. Make tag questions of these statements.

(a)Cutting trees is not good for us, ___?
(b)Because trees supply us oxygen, fruits and wood, ___?
(c)We can hardly live without them, ___?
(d)They are out best friends, ____?
(e)Let’s plant tree more and more, ____?

10. Completed the passage using suitable connectors.

The word has turned into a global village (a) _____ the important of information technology. Now we can know (b) ____ is happening on the others is coming in touch with another. The poor culture is receiving quickly the elements (c) ____ are culture. (d) ___ technology transforms culture and develops it. (e) ___ we have to prevent the infiltration of bad culture of another society to our own culture.
11.Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.
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