SSC English Second Paper Board Question Rajshahi Board-2015

 Rajshahi Board-2015
Part A: Grammar(60 marks)
1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the form of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.
Youth is (a) —- best time of (b) —- . This is the time (c) —- it is most important (d) —– one to remember the maxim, “As you (e) —-, so shall you reap.” One must sow (f) —- seeds of industry, truthfulness, honesty and other virtues (g) —- this season to (h) —- the harvest of prosperity and happiness. Whatever takes root in (i) —- man at this time lasts throughout the rest (j) —- his life and moulds his future.
Answer; (a) the; (b) life; (c) when; (d) for; (e) sow; (f) the; (g) in; (h) reap; (i) a; (j) of;
 2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
Modern civilization is the (a) —- of science. Science has worked (b) —- a magician in the world. We can’t do even a (c) —- day without the help of science. Many quick means (d) —- communication like telephone, telex, fax, telegram, satellite etc. are (e) —- greatest wonders of science. Nowadays a message can be sent from one corner of the world to another in the twinkle of (f) —- eye. Science has brought a revolutionary (g) —- in all fields. In the field of medical science (h) —- has got eyes, lame has got legs, deaf has got hearing power. (i) —- diseases which were incurable in the past are now easily (j) —- .
Answer: (a) gift/product; (b) as; (c) single; (d) of; (e) the; (f) an; (g) change; (h) blind; (i) The; (j) cured/curable.
3. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.
The Taj
it most on a moonlit night.
it as tomb for his wife.
Emperor Shahajahan
at Agra in India.
one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
to see the Taj Mahal.
Answer: (a) The Taj is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
(b) It stands at Agra in India.
(c) Emperor Shahajahan built it as tomb for his wife.
(d) People like it on a moonlit night.
(e) Everybody wants to see the Taj Mahal.
4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.
According to the history, women in the past were (a) —- within the four walls. But at present they (b) —- no longer captive to their parents’ or husbands’ house. With the passage of time the outlook and attitude have been (c) —- as men and women are (d) —- themselves with the changing society. By (e) —- education they are (f) —- pilots, doctors, engineerss, high officials etc. They are (g) —- hand in hand with men in all worthy programmes. They (h) —- now able to prove their worth. They (i) —- much to the economy of the country. Now it has come to the realization of men that no development is possible by (j) —- half of our population idle at home.
Answer: (a) confined; (b) are; (c) developed; (d) adapting; (e) receiving; (f) becoming; (g) working; (h) are; (i) contribute/are contributing; (j) keeping.
5. Change the narrative style of the folowing text.
“Konika, have you done your English lesson today?” asked the teacher. “Yes, sir” she replied. “But I have not understood one gramatical point.” The teacher assured her saying, “Come to my room, I will help you understand the point.” “Thank you, sir.” she smilingly said.
Answer: The teacher asked Konika if she had done her English lesson that day.She replied in the affirmative and said that she had not understood one gramatical point. The teacher advised her to come to his room. He also assured her saying that she wouid help her understand the point. With respect she smilingly thanked him.
6. Change the sentences according to the directions.
(a) A flower is a glowing gift of nature.(Interrogative)
(b) Isn’t it the symbol of love and beauty?(Affirmative)
(c) Flowers are used on different occasions.(Active)
(d) We present flower to our nearest and dearest person.(Passive)
(e) We need flowers to decorate a place.(Complex)
(f) The rose is the best of all flowers.(Positive)
(g) Having sweet scent and beauty we love it very much.(Compound)
(h) It is lovelier than all other flowers.(Superlative)
(i) The rose is a very nice flower.(Exclamatory)
(j) As the demand for flowers is increasing day by day we should cultivate flower on commercial basis.(Simple)
Answer: (a) Isn’t a flower a glowing gift of nature?
(b) It is the symbol of love and beauty.
(c) People use flowers on different occasions.
(d) Flower is presented to our nearest and dearest persons by us.
(e) We need flowers so that we can decorate a place.
(f) No other flower is as good as the rose.
(g) A flower has sweet scent and beauty and we love it very much.
(h) It is loveliest of all flowers.
(i) How nice a flower the rose is!
(j) Because of increasing the demand for flowers day by day, we should cultivate flowers on commercial basis.
7. Complete the sentences.
(a) If you do not waste time ———
(b) This is the boy ——–
(c) ——- I were a child.
(d) United we stand, ——-
(e) The boy is so weak in mathematics —— .
Answer: (a) If you do not waste time, you will shine in life.
(b) This is the boy whom I was looking for.
(c) I wish I were a child.
(d) United we stand, devided we fall.
(e) The boy is so weak in mathematics that he canno solve a simple problem.
8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.
Money cannot buy (a) —- (happy). Money is a must for our life. But it is not necessary to bring happiness. Happiness is (b) —– (absolute) a (c) —- (psychology) thing. It is the name of a (d) —- (feel). It means the (e) —- (content) of the mind. He who has (f) —- (satisfy) with what he has is (g) —- (real) a happy one. Above all, we should keep in mind that (h) —- (world) happiness is not all. If we want to be (i) —- (eternal) happy and lead a (j) —- (dignify) life, we have to earn money in an honest way.
Answer: (a) happiness; (b) absolutely; (c) psychological; (d) feeling; (e) contentment; (f) satisfaction; (g) really; (h) worldly; (i) eternally; (j) dignified.
9. Make tag questions of these statements.
(a) Nobody believes a cheat, —- ?
(b) Everybody hates him, —- ?
(c) He has to drag a miserable life, —- ?
(d) He can hardly succeed in life, —- ?
(e) Let us always speak the truth, —- ?
Answer: (a) Nobody believes a cheat, do they?
(b) Everybody hates him, don’t they?
(c) He has to drag a miserable life, doesn’t he?
(d) He can hardly succeed in life, can he?
(e) Let us always speak the truth, shall we?
10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors.
(a) —- , there are some differences between practical konowlege and bookish knowledge. (b) —- often they are thought to be the same. (c) —- a man is educated in the true sense, he will be able to lead a life completely different from others. (d) —- he can distinguish between right and wrong, (e) —- education is very important.
Answer: (a) Obviously/actually; (b) very; (c) If; (d) Besides; (e) So;
11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.
the teacher said to the boy where are you going now i am going to school said the boy did you go to school yesterday no the boy replied why did you not go i was suffering from fever said the boy
Answer: The teacher said to the boy, “Where are you going now?” “I am going to school,” said the boy. “Did you go to school yesterday?” “No”, the boy replied.  “Why did you not go?” “I was suffering from fever,” said the boy.
Part B : Composition(40 marks)
12. Suppose, you are Shimul/Shimuli and you are looking for a job. You want to apply for a job of a teacher in school.
      Now, write a CV with a cover letter for the post.
13. Suppose, you are Habib/Habiba. You have passed the SSC examination this year from Collegiate High School, Barisal. You want to get yourself admitted into a college. So you need a testimonial from your Headmaster.
    Now, write an application to the Headmaster to your school for testimonial.
14. All the living beings depends on trees for their existence. So we should plant trees more and more.
   Now, write a paragraph on “Tree Plantation.”
 15. You are a student of class ten. You have an aim in your life. Now, write a composition on “Your aim in life”.

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