SSC English Second Paper Dinajpur Board 2019

Dinajpur Board 2019 English Second Paper

  1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.


Inter is the latest discovery of science. It is the greatest (a) ___ in this field it is a computerised process (b) ____ a telephone set. To get internet (c) ____, it requires a modem, telephone line and a different sorts of software for using the (d) ____ system. Nowadays, an interest is (e) ____ great use to us. It has made the word (f) ____ and brought the word (g) ____ our reach. We can get any information in a very (h) ____ but al so made us (i) _____ for the unknown. It’s a (j) ____ like Aladin’s magic lamp.

  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Scientists have recently reported that (a) ___ surface ice caps are (b) ____. This is due to a rise (c) ____ atmospheric temperature known (d) ____ the greenhouse effect. According to the scientists, carbon dioxide is primary responsible (e) ____ temperature rise in (f) ____. The carbon dioxide is high when coal and oil. (g) ____ burnt. The gas is accumulating (h) ____ the atmosphere and causing the temperature to rise. As a result, the polar ice in the North and South poles (i) _____ melting. We should maintain the ecological (j) ____ of the environment.

  1. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.

A man of integrity











Never thinks

To tell a lie or do any dishonest deed
Integrityhis honesty and truthfulness event at the cost of his life.
HeThis quality are considered super human beings.
Those whoAn uncommon quality of human beings.
 A man of great courage.


  1. Complete the following text with right from of the verbs give in the box. You can use one verb more than once.


Adult allowance (a) ___ a noble programme initiated by the present government. In most of programme is (b) ___ by the government. The government should pursue that their old age is (c) ____ and comfortable. But in our country the adult are (d) ____ on their own sons or daughters. The adult lose the ability to work and (e) ___ at this age. They (f) ____ offensively be their own issues. They have to (g) ___ their days depending on others. The allowance should be (h) ____ and the true needy (i) ____ to have this allowance. It is expected that the local leaders (j) ____ their duty impartially to select the right person for this purpose.


  1. Change the narrative style of the following text.

‘’please give me your English grammar And Composition Book.’’ Said Sara. ‘’I cannot give it. ‘’said Niha. ‘’I have to take it with me in the class. ‘’ I shall return the book before the class starts. ‘’said Sara. ‘’Take it. ‘’said Niha. ‘’Thank You. ‘’said Sara.

  1. Change the sentences accounting to directions.

  • Facebook is common social network. (Make it a negative sentence)
  • Now, it is being used all over the world. (Make it an active voice)
  • Everyday uses it. (make it an interrogative sentence)
  • There is no student without smart phone. (Make it an affirmative sentence)
  • Who does not like social network? (Make it an assertive sentence)
  • Facebook is the best social network. (Make it a positive degree)
  • It gives pleasure but we cannot get freedom to us it. (Make it a simple sentence)
  • Use it or you cannot keep pace with the modern world. (Make it a complex sentence)
  • We can get many new information by using it. (Make it a compound)
  • Would that I could open a facebook account. (Make it an assertive sentence)


  1. Complete the sentence.

  • Leisure means the time when____.
  • As we live in a materialistic word____.
  • But I should be kept in mind that ____.
  • If a man does not take rest after a work ____.
  • So, we should take rest so that ____.
  1. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words give in the parentheses.

In ancient time, textbook was the most (a) ____ (resource) thing for the student. Teachers were the only guides and source of information. The student his to collect all the (b) ____ (inform) from the lecture of their (c) ____ (teach). There was no guide book or other (d) ____ (refer) books in the market. During that period, a teacher hade to deliver a lecture by (e) ____ (study) the textbook. Because of the (f) _____ (situate) the student used to depend on the teachers (g) ___ (complete). As a result, there was a great (h) ____ (relate) between a (i) _____ (teach) and a student. Their (j) ____ (popular) existed among the students in the society.

  1. Make tag questions of these statements.


  • Our examination is over. Everybody is free now____?
  • He along with his friends will pay a pay a visit to Sylhet, _____?
  • But Aslam has little interest about it, _____?
  • He as well as his parents visited to Sylhet last year, _____?
  • As they visited many interesting place, they could enjoy a lot, _____?


  1. Complete the passage using suitable connectors.

People usually want to have their own way. They want to think and act (a) _____ they like. (b) _____ one cannot have one’s own way all the time. A person cannot live in an environment without considering the inter of other (c) ____ his own interest. People in society may take not to be unjust (e) _____ harmful to other.


  1. Use capitals and punctuation makes where necessary in the following text.

stop you are eating all our bread shouted the two rats i am doing my best but i have told you that its difficult said the monkey give us that little piece said the rats this is my piece havent i laboured a lot for you replied the monkey how foolish we are believing you said the two rats

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