SSC Model Questions English 2nd Paper 01

Dhaka Board-2015



[ According to the Syllabus of 2015]

Time-3 hours

Full marks-100

[N.B.-The Figures in the matgin indicate full marks]

Part A : Grammar

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the form of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                                   0.5×10=5


It is useful (a) —- students to take part (b) —- social service. (c) —- taking part (d) —- social service, they can benefit themselves as well as (e) —- nation. Student life is (f) —- period of (g) —- for future life. If the students do sicial (h) —- , they will be better prepared for giving service (i) —- the nation on completion of their education. As the students have no family burden and as they get enough time during the large vacation, they can do (j) —- great deal of work for the people.

Ans: (a) for  (b) in (c) By (d) in (e) the (f) the (g) preparation (h) work (i) to (j) a

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                 0.5×10=5

Scientists have (a) —- reported that the surface icecaps are (b) —- . This is due to a rise (c) —- atmospheric temperature known (d) —- the green house effect. According to the scientists, carbon di-oxaide is primarily responsible (e) —- temperature rise in (f) —- . The carbon di-oxide is high (g) —- coal and oil (h) —- burnt. The gass is accumulating in the atmosphere and (i) —- temperature to rise. As a result, the polar ice in the North and south poles (j) —–  melting.

Ans: (a) recently (b) melting (c) in (d) as (e) for (f) atmosphere (g) when (h) are (i) helping (j) is

3. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.    1×5=5


the training for proper growth.
the liberation of prejudice.
our minds and refines our sensibility.
The purpose of education
in life without education.
the process by which our minds develops.

Ans: a) Education is the process by which our minds develop.

b) It ennobles our minds and refines our sensibility.

c) It is the training for proper growth.

d) Nobody can prosper in life without education.

e) The purpose of education is the liberation of prejudice.

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.             0.5×10=5


    Today women are placing an important role in all spheres of life. Once they were (a) —- by men. They are no longer (b) —- within the four walls of their parents’ or husbands’ house. They have (c) —- out of the kitchen and are (d) —- hand in hand with men. By (e) —- higher education, they are becoming pilots, doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators etc. They have (f) —- able to rpove their worth. They (g) —- much to the ceonomy of the country. Now, it (h) —- to the realization of the men that true development of the country is never possible (i) —- half of the population idle at home. So, it (j) —- no telling that women are playing a great role in the socio-economic condition of the country.

Ans: (a) dominated (b) confined (c) come (d) working (e) taking (f) been (g) are contributing (h) has come (i) by keeping (j) needs.

5. Change the narrative style of the following text.                     5

“Good morning, students,” said the teacher. “How are you?” “We are fine, sir. What about you?” “I am fine too. Please, sit down.” “Have you prepared your lesson?” the teacher asked. “Sorry, sir, we have not prepared our lesson,” they replied.

Ans ; The teacher wished the students good morning. He also asked how they were. The students respectfully replied that they were fine. They also asked how he was. The teacher replied that he was fine too and ordered them to sit down. He also asked if they had prepared their lesson. The students respectfully expressed their sorrow and said that they had not prepared their lesson.

6. Change the sentences according to the directions.    1×10=10

(a) Television is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. (Positive)

(b) It was not invented over night. (Active)

(c) Scientists spent many years and worked hard to invent television. (complex)

(d) Nowadays, almost every family has a television set. (Negative)

(e) People of all ages like to watch television. (Interrogative)

(f) The programmes telecast by television are very interesting. ( Complex)

(g) Television should telecast educative programmes. (Passive)

(h) If you watch television, you can learn many things. (simple)

(i) People spend their free time by watching television. (Compound)

(j) Very few things are so useful as television. ( Superlative)

Ans; (a) Very few inventions of modern science are as wonderful as television.

(b) Scientist did not invent it over night.

(c) Scientists spent many years and worked hard so that they could invent television.

(d) Nowadays, there is no family without a television set.

(e) Don’t the people of all ages like to watch television?

(f) The programmes which are telecast by television are very interesting.

(g) Educative programmes should be telecast by television.

(h) By watching television you can learn many things.

(i) People watch television and spend their free time.

(j) Television is one of the most useful things.

7. Complete the sentences.                                                    1×5=5

(a) Many people cut trees —– .

(b) Trees cause rainfall which —- .

(c) If we cut trees at random —– .

(d) Trees supply oxygen —– .

(e) Since trees help us in many ways ——.

Ans ; (a) Many people cut trees to get timbers.

(b) Trees cause rain fall which is essential for our agriculture.

(c) If we cut trees at random, it will make the environment unbalanced.

(d) Trees supply oxygen which is essential for our lives.

(e) Since trees help us in many ways, we should not cut down trees at random.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.                     0.5×10=5

The books of famous (a) —- ( write) are put on sale in the book fair. Most of the (b) —- (visit) buy books of different (c) —- (publish) . Almost no visitor returns from the fair without making any purchase. The (d) —- (buy) like to buy at a fair price. Our book fair is always (e) —- (crowd) . As (f) —- (vary) books are (g) —- (play) in a fair, the buyers get a scope to choose books. They buy their (h) —- (choose) books after a long search. This faculty is (i) —- (available) in any place other than a book fair. A book fair is always (j) —- (come) to the students.

Ans : (a) writers (b) visitors (c) publishers (d) buyers (e) crowded (f) various (g) displayed (h) choice-able (i) unavailable (j) welcome

9. Make tag questions of these statements.               1×5=5

(a) Most of the students who fail in English don’t have strong foundation over grammar, —- ?

(b) They read only to pass the examination, —- ?

(c) Teachers should motivate them to learn the basic thing —- ?

(d) They can’t help learning grammar, —- ?

(e) Moreover, practice is essential too —- ?

Ans ; (a) do they ?(b) don’t they ? (c) shouldn’t they ?

(d) can they ? (e) isn’t it?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors. 0.5×10=5

The foods that we eat can be divided into six kinds (a) —- what substances they contain and (b) —- benefits they do to us. Fish, meat, peas and milk provide us with protein (c) —- builds our body and helps us grow. (d) —- we do not take all these, we cannot grow well. Vitamins and mineral salts protect us from diseases (e) —- keep us fit for work.

Ans ; (a) according to (b) what (c) which (d) If (e) and

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.                     5

the man said to me where are you going i am going to school said i did you go to school yesterday no i replied why didn’t you go i was very busy said i

Ans ; The man said to me, “Where are you going?” “I am going to school,” said I. “Did you go to school yesterday?” “No” i replied. “Why didn’t you go?” “I was very busy,” said I.

Part B : Composition

12. Suppose, you are Taskia/Toukir and you have passed H.S.C and got a diploma on computer. Now, write a CV with cover letter for the post of a Computer Operator in a company. Your CV should not exceed one page.                                 10

13. Suppose, you are Priom/Pritha/Tihan, a student of class ten of Faridpur Model High School, Faridpur. You and your classmates want to go on a study tour.

Now, write an application to the headmaster of your school seeking permission to go on a study tour.                                                                                                                        10

14. Suppose, recently you have had a cup of tea with some of your friends in a tea stall. Now, write a paragraph on ‘A Tea Stall’.                                                                           10

15. Write a composition on ‘Your future plan of life’.      10

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