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Transformation of Sentence or Changing Sentence APP

Transformation of Sentence

This is an excelent Android App

 This App will cover:
Transformation of sentence from class- Six, Seven, JSC, SSC, HSC, Degre, Honers, University Admission, Job admission, and BCS.
Table of Contents:
1. Affirmative to Negative.
2. Assertive to Interrogative.
3. Assertive to Imperative.
4. Assertive to Exclamatory.
5. Exclamatory to Assertive.
6. Positive-Comparative-Superlative.
7. Simple-Compound-Complex.
8. 52 Exercises with Answer.
This App will also cover for Class Six to Eight 5 Marks in the Exam.
Class Nine to Inter 10 marks.
This App also help the teachers to teach their Students in inductive method.
The students can also find the App very easy and helpful to learn Transformation of Sentence.
Thank you.

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