Completing Sentence: Lest / in case (for fear that) / (by chance) .

Lest —— should

In case ——- should

a) Sub1 + verb ——- + lest / in case + sub2 + should / might / would + verb’s  base form + Exten.

b) Sub1 + verb ——- + lest / in case + sub2 + verb’s  base form + Extention.


 1. I wrote down her address in case he should stumble down.


2. I’ve bought a chicken in case Rafi should stay to lunch.

3. They kept watch all night lest the thief should steal anything.

4. We must take care lest we should be late.

5. We must take immediate action lest robbers should come.

6. He hid in the woods lest it grow worse.

7. Walk fast lest you should miss the train.


8. We run most of the way lest we should be late.

9. He was walking fast lest he should miss the train.

10. He reads attentively lest he should fail in the examination.

11. He started early lest  he should miss the train.

12. Evil thoughts enter our hearts lest you should fail to cash your cheque.

13. The old man walks slowly lest he should stumble down.

14. They ran hurriedly lest they should miss the train.

15. Walk fast lest  you should miss the train.

16. The guard watched carefully lest the thief should steal anything.

17. Read diligently lest you should fail.

18. Avoid mistakes lest  you should fail.

19. Read attentively lest you should fail.