Rules of Person Change of Reported Speech

Rules of  Person Change of  Reported  Speech

Direct narration  Person of  Reported Speech

Changed  person of  Indirect narration


 (a)   1st Person (I, We, my, our, us)   

 ( b)  We (id indicate mankind)|

1. (a) According to  gender and person   of  Subject of Reporting verb.

(b) We (no changed) |


2nd Person (You, Your, Yours)

2.  According to  gender and person   of  Object of Reporting verb.


3rd Person (He, his, him, she, her, hers, they, their, them, theirs, it, its, Rahim, Rahim’s etc.

3. 3rd person  (no changed)|


Imperative Sentence’  Let us’  ‘us’

4. Reporting verb’  subject or object 

(a)   (if 1st person)—- We

(b)  (if  2nd person )—- You

(c)   (if not 1st or 2nd person) They