English 2nd Paper test question Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka

Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka

Sub Code 1 0 8
Time : 3 hours Pre-Test Examination-2012; English (Compulsory) 1st Paper Total Marks : 100
A Grammar : 40 Marks
1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the
box. Put them in the correct tense. Use negatives
where necessary. 1×5=5
prepare be achieve satisfy require result inspire
Man has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He (a)
⎯⎯ with what he has known and seen. He wants to
know and see more and more. This curiosity to know
more (b) ⎯⎯ him to undertake and carry out hard and
dangerous tasks. And this has eventually (c) ⎯⎯ in
epoch making discoveries and inventions. In the fields of
science and technology man in the meantime (d) ⎯⎯
what was inconceivable before. Man has already landed
on the moon and (e) ⎯⎯ for the journeys to Mars.
2. Fill in the gaps of the following passage using appropriate
prepositions. 1×5=5
It is known to all that a sinner is hardly pricked (a) ⎯⎯
his conscience. But when he realizes his sin, he tries to
atone (b) ⎯⎯ his sin. He devotes himself (c) ⎯⎯ good
work. He gives (d) ⎯⎯ his bad habit. He tries to refrain
(e) ⎯⎯ doing any crime.
3. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (×) where an
article is not needed. 1/2×10=5
Sincerity is (a) ⎯⎯ root of success of all works. One can
go (b) ⎯⎯ long way if one does anything with sincerity.
(c) ⎯⎯ rich people are sincere to their work and they are
capable of making anything (d) ⎯⎯ success. (e) ⎯⎯
great men are also sincere because they know that
sincerity is (f) ⎯⎯ key-stone to success. Those who do
not follow (g) ⎯⎯ rules of sincerity can never go (h)
⎯⎯ long way in (i) ⎯⎯ world. (j) ⎯⎯ poor people are
not sometimes sincere and they lag behind.
4. Complete the following sentences with the phrases and
idioms from the list below. 1×5=5
in a dilemma square meal play truant up and doing
sine die eat humble pie take after
(a) The university has been closed ⎯⎯.
(b) The poor man was content to get a ⎯⎯.
(c) She ⎯⎯ her mother.
(d) Whether to go to the party or not, I am ⎯⎯.
(e) Some students ⎯⎯ and do badly in the examinations.
5. Rewrite the following passage in the reported speech. 5
"Great king of the genies" called the monster, "I will
never again disobey you." Hearing those words, the
fisherman became brave and said, "Tell me why you were
locked up in the vase." The giant angrily looked at him
and said," Speak to me more politely or I shall kill you."
6. Read the following passage and transform the
underlined sentences as directed in brackets. 1×5=5
(a) Corruption is a great curse to our nation. (b) No other
problem is so dreadful as corruption (Comparative) (b) It
prevails in every walk of our life. (Interrogative) It
destroys everything. (c) We fail to enjoy the real progress
as corruption devours every good fruit of our efforts.
(Compound) It can be compared to cancer. (d) It may
paralyze the whole nation. (Passive) (e) We must realize
the fact and come forward against corruption. (Simple)
7. Add tag questions to the following sentences. 1×5=5
(a) Lets have a walk by the river side, ⎯⎯?
(b) Fire burns, ⎯⎯?
(c) Sinners suffer in the long run, ⎯⎯?
(d) We ought to love our country, ⎯⎯?
(e) Nothing is impossible, ⎯⎯?
8. Complete these sentences. 1×5=5
(a) The more you read ⎯⎯.
(b) We eat so that ⎯⎯.
(c) Water is so vital of all natural resources that ⎯⎯.
(d) ⎯⎯ since they played well.
(e) Had I found you ⎯⎯.
B Composition : 60 Marks
9. Write a paragraph on "Drug Addiction" on the basis
of the following questions in about 100–120 words.
Your paragraph should include the answers to the
following questions. 10
(a) What do you mean by "Drug Addiction."
(b) Why do people become drug addicted?
(c) How can it rain the life?
(d) How can we uproot it?
(e) Depict your own comment on the topic.
10. Write a short composition in about 250 words on
"Rivers of Bangladesh." 15
11. Suppose, you are the students of Kamarpur Pilot High
School, Kamrangirchar. You are suffering for the want of
necessary scientific equipments in your school laboratory.
Now, write an application to the Headmaster of your school
for increasing facilities in the laboratory of your school. 10
12. Write a dialogue between two friends Manik and
Rafiq about a cultural function held recently in your
school auditorium. 10
13. Read the following story. It is not complete. Use your
imagination to complete it and give it a suitable title. 15
Sharika is a village girl of a conservative Muslim family.
She is waiting for her SSC result. She dreams to read in a
college and become a teacher in future. Her parents think
otherwise. .....................