Dialogue between you and a foreigner Who has Come to Visit Bangladesh For The Frist Time

Dialogue between you and a foreigner Who has Come to Visit Bangladesh  For The Frist Time
Write a dialogue with a foreigner who has first time come to visit Bangladesh
Foreigner: Excuse me. May I seek your help?
Myself: Of course! How can I help you?
Foreigner: Very nice to meet you. I want the address of a hotel.
Myself: Perhaps this is the first time you have come to Bangladesh.
Foreigner: Yes, this is the first time I have come to Bangladesh from America. I am a tourist.
Myself: Well, there are many hotels in Dhaka. What type of hotel do you want to stay?
Foreigner: I want a hotel of good quality that will provide all modern facilities.
Myself: In this case I will suggest you to go to Hotel Sonargaon.
Foreigner: How can I go there? Is it so far from here?
Myself: Oh, I see! It is not so far from here. Please hire a taxi which will cost you only 100 taka.
Foreigner: Would you please tell me how I can visit the tourist spots in Bangladesh?
Myself: The hotel Management will make all arrangements for you tour. They have sightseeing arrangement.
Foreigner: It is very nice of you. I highly appreciate your help and cooperation.
Myself: It is my pleasure. May your visit in Bangladesh be pleasant.
Foreigner: I am really glad to meet you. Thank you very much.
Myself: You are most welcome. Good bye.

Dialogue between you and a foreigner

Foreigner: Hello, excuse me.
Myself : Yes.
Foreigner: I am a new comer in this city. Are you a city dweller here?
Myself : Yes, where are you from?
Foreigner: From Thailand. Where is the Hotel Osmani International?
Myself : Welcome to Bangladesh. It is in Gulistan, one of the busiest places of Dhaka city.
Foreigner: How can I get there and how far is it?
Myself : It is about twenty kilometers from here. You can get there either by taxi or CNG auto-rickshaw.
Foreigner: Oh, I like to go by taxi. How may the fare be?
Myself : About Tk. 500.00.
Foreigner: Thank you, brother. I’ve come to Bangladesh on tour. I heard that snatching is a common occurrence here. Now, I am afraid I fall prey to snatchers.
Myself : Oh, no, brother. Actually, snatching occurs in almost every city of the world. Dhaka is not out of them. It does not mean that snatching occurs here frequently. However, you should get alert, especially, after evening.
Foreigner: Ok. Thank you very much. I am really grateful to you.
Myself : No mention. Happy journey in Bangladesh.

A dialogue between yourself and a foreigner who has come to Bangladesh for the first time.

Myself : Hello, I’m Tamal. Are you here for the first time?
Foreigner :Hello, I’m Tanaka from Japan. This is my first visit to Bangladesh.

Myself : Can I help you?
Foreigner : Yes, at first I want to go to Cox’s Bazer, the longest sea-beach in the world. And then
to other beautiful places. Will you please guide me?

Myself :Of course, How do you like to go, by bus, by train or by air?

Foreigner :I’d like to go by bus.
Myself :O. k, I’ll make an arrangement to go there. Where will you stay this night?

Foreigner : Oh, I want to rest the night in any good hotel in Dhaka.
Myself : Here are the addresses of some aristocratic hotels in Dhaka.
Foreigner : Thank you very much.