Active to Passive voice in datiles

The object of the verb takes the position of Subject.The Subject of the verb in the active voice becomes the object and is usually  preceeded by the preposition ‘by’.The tense of the verb in the passive  voice remains the same as in the active voice.In the passive voice,  third form of the verb is used.

Active/Passive Voice Rules Chart
Tense Rules
Present Indefinite Tense is/am/are + V3
Present Continuous Tense is/am/are + being+V3;
Present Perfect Tense has/have + been + V3
Past Indefinite Tense was/were + V3
Past Continuous Tense was/were + being +V3
Past Perfect Tense had + been + V3;
Future Indefinite Tense ; will/shall + be + V3
Future Perfect Tense will/shall + have+been + V3
Modal Verb: will, shall, would should, can, could, may,  might,must,ought to + V1 Modal Verb + be + V3
Infinity: to + V1 to be + V3
I, We, He, She, They are changed into tome, us, him, her, them
Take care of singular and plural nature of nouns or pronouns. Verb/helping verb requires to be adjusted accordingly.

Interrogative sentences beginning with ‘wh’ words like what, why, when etc. thequestion word is retained in the beginning of the  sentence. An interrogative sentence in theactive voice remains an  interrogative in the passive form. An imperative sentence is a  sentence showing order, or request. So, accordingly, in the passive  voice, we say: You are requested/ordered/advised + infinive with ‘to’.

Sentences involving order/advice are preferably changed into passive by using the word‘let’ or ‘should’. Please close the door. You  are requested to close the door. Save your soul. Your soul should be  saved. Let your soul be saved. Do it. Let it be done. It should be  done. In some sentence the subject is understood type. Here the  subject has to be suppliedaccording to the context while changing them  into active form. The thief was arrested. (by the police.)

Preoposition attached with the verbs in the active form continue  to be attached with themeven in the passive form. Please listen to  him. You are requested to listen to him. He turneddown my proposal. My  proposal was tuned down by him.k In the case of a verb having two  objects in Active Voice, either of them can be retained inthe passive.  Hari gave me an apple. I was given an apple by Hari. An apple was  given to me byHari.

Intransitive verbs do not have passive forms. I go to school. Go  is intransitive verb. Sono passive form. What is done, cannot be  undone. What people do, they cannot undo.

Quasi Passive Verbs: The rose smells sweet. The rose is sweet when smelt. Quinine tastes bitter. Quinine is bitter when tasted.  Lemons taste sour. Lemons are sour when tasted.

With some verbs, preposition ‘by’ is not used. Like know (to), surprise (at), annoy (with),contain (in), vex (with), please (with),  displease (at), alarm (at), line (with), throng (with)