Padma Bridge Paragraph

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Padma Bridge Paragraph

Padma Bridge Paragraph 

One of the dream projects of Bangladesh is Padma Bridge. It will be the world's sixth-largest multipurpose bridge. From December 2014 the bridge has started its construction journey and still going great guns. Although, it wasn't easy at the start considering funds and other economic issues. Even, the World Bank canceled its credit agreement. At last, the country had come up with its own fund.

But for the country, economic issue was not the only thing to deal with. Because river Padma has two natures – calm in winter and cruel in summer. So, Engineers divided the construction process into five parts to solve this problem. The first of them was constructing the main bridge. that's 6.15km in length. This phase includes setting up 41 spans and the erection of 42 supports for connecting both banks. River training is the second part. Probably the most difficult part of the process. The third and fourth part is connecting links which are to connect the bridge with two highways. One will be made in Janjira and another in Mawa. Service area construction for servicing is the fifth step. The last of them is the supervision of the whole project. Padma bridge will connect the south-west region of the country with the capital and eastern part. For this, regional cooperation will increase and transport management will be convenient. In addition, it will play an important role in the economic sector of Bangladesh. Industrial development and employment opportunities will cause radical changes in the condition of south-west residents.

Not only economy and transportation facilities will increase but also medical and educational facilities will be easy to access. The whole country waits for its largest bridge to activate. It has been said that Padma Bridge will be inaugurated in December 2022. The world will be witnessing the history of proud Bangladesh.

Padma Bridge Paragraph

Padma Bridge is a key arrangement to the broadened advancement of the southern region of Bangladesh. All the important aspects will be highlighted in this Padma bridge paragraph. It is a multipurpose road-rail across the Padma River. It is going to connect Louhajong to Shariatpur and Madaripur as well as the southwest part to the northern and the southern region of the country.

It is a 6.15-kilometer-long bridge with an 18.10-kilometer width. It will include a four-lane highway along and a single-lane railway. The bridge will have 42 spans in total with each being 150-kilometer-long and it will be able to carry 3140 tons' weights. Moreover, the Padma Bridge will have about 264 piles in total where each pile will be 150 meters long and 120meters of the 150 meters from each pile will be underwater.

A new golden page in history has been started as soon as the construction of the Padma Bridge started. The whole project is funded with the resources of the Government of Bangladesh. The bridge will open new doors for the communication framework of the nation. Also, it will bring a progressive change within the life and living of almost six crore individuals living in 19 southern districts.

Bangladesh will see development in the regional corporation, industrial sector, agricultural sector, and many other sectors. The construction of the Padma Bridge will create a huge impact on employment reduction. The development in communication across the country will help many people to travel easily as well as the transportation cost will also decrease, creating a benefit to the general public.

People will be more eager to travel and work in different regions without worry, like before. Moreover, this bridge will also help in expanding industrialization, various commercial activities as well as transportation. All these will be of great help in reducing the unemployment rate and poverty as well as different governmental expenses.

However, the most significant improvement that will take place due to the Padma Bridge is the development of the southern region of Bangladesh. Like many opportunities, facilities will come with easy communication and transportation which will play a major role in the overall development process.

Key Information on Padma Bridge

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Padma Bridge is a multipurpose road-rail bridge adopted by Bangladesh government. This is indeed the biggest of such projects in the history of the country. It is a 6.15-kilometer-long bridge and it will have a four-lane highway along with it. The width of Padma bridge is 18.18 meter. The bridge will be constructed by China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Company Limited. Bangladesh itself will finance the project and it is indeed the biggest project financed by any government of Bangladesh.

In addition to that, there will also a single-lane railway under this project. The bridge will have in total 42 spans in total to make it a strong bridge. The bridge can manage the load of 3140 metric tons and it will indeed come handy to ease up the communication of that part of the country. The bridge was earlier supposed to be open for use from June-July of this month. But now it seems we will have to wait till the end of this current year.

Impact and Importance of Padma Bridge

The significance of Padma Bridge is massive especially in the southern part of the country. It will surely ease up the communication hazard for this part of the country. It will connect in total 14 to 19 districts of the country right away and it is of course a huge advantage. Every day, a number of people had to suffer a lot due to the traffic jam in these places when they are moving to the capital Dhaka or move from Dhaka to the southern districts.

Dye to long delay on ferry, hours are wasted and this one bridge will surely ease up the problem and it will also boost up the economy of these areas. Communication will be easier, industrial development along with agricultural work will be boosted due to the improved travel system. All in all, it is a dream project and will add up to the overall development of the southern part of the country.