Paragraph a Book Fair

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Paragraph a Book Fair
Paragraph a Book Fair

(a) Where was the Book fair held?
(b) How was the Book fair?
(c) How was the stalls?
(d) Whom did you go there?

A Book Fair / My Visit to a Book Fair

A book fair is a kind of fair where books are displayed and sold. In the recent years book fair has become a traditional festival in our country. Last February I went on a visit to Ekushey Boi Mela. It is the biggest and most gorgeous book fair in the country. I went to the fair with my parents. There were thousands of visitors coming to and going out of the fair. There were a lot of rows of bookstalls. Every stall was beautifully decorated. The premises of Bangla Academy took a festive look. Visitors were moving from one row to another. There were hundreds and thousands of books in the stalls. People were looking for their favorite books. Anyway, we visited a lot of stalls and bought a number of books. Of the books there were story books, science fictions and autobiographies (). My father is particularly fond of autobiographies and he suggests us to read these books. We got a golden opportunity to meet some great writers of our country. At last we finished our visit to the fair but came back home with a permanent impression of the fair in my mind.