Paragraph Digital Bangladesh

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Paragraph Digital Bangladesh
Paragraph Digital Bangladesh

(a) What do you mean by Digital Bangladesh?

(b) What are the benefits of Digital Bangladesh?

(c) With what will it connect people?

(d) What are initially needed for the implementation of this campaign?

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh is a much talked issue nowadays. ‘Digital Bangladesh’ means digitalizing Bangladesh by ensuring an ICT based society where information will be available in online and where all possible tasks of the government and other non government or semi-government will be performed using digital technology. The benefits of Digital Bangladesh are many. If we can establish a digital Bangladesh, corruption will be absolutely eradicated. It will save people’s time and money and will make people more enterprising. It will connect people with the whole world economically, politically, socially, academically and even culturally. It will modernize banking and financial activities. Agriculture, health, education, commerce all these be highly benefited by making sectors will be Bangladesh a digital one. The government has to take certain initiatives for implementing this dream. First of all, uninterrupted power supply has to be ensured. We have to develop computer network infrastructures throughout the country. We also have to train our people to acquire ICT skill and ensure equitable access to digital governance services by all strata of the society. It will be no exaggeration if we say that the implementation of a digital Bangladesh can help our country make progress in all sectors by leaps and bounds.