A Dialogue Between You And Your Friend For Borrowing A Book

A Dialogue  Between You And Your Friend   For Borrowing A Book
Dialogue Between Two Friends on Borrowing a Book
Sujon: Hello Sharmin! How are you?
Sharmin: I am fine. What about you?
Sujon: I am fine too. Why have you come here so early in the morning? Is there anything wrong?
Sharmin: Yes, I have come to you for an urgent necessity. I need your help at this moment.
Sujon: What is that?
Sharmin: My history examination will be held on next Sunday. So, I need a history book from you.
Sujon: Which book do you need?
Sharmin: I need the book of K. Ali.
Sujon: For how many days do you need the book?
Sharmin: Would you allow to keep it with me for four days?
Sujon: It is okay. You can return me even after a week because my history examination will be held in the next month.
Sharmin: No, I need not the book for so long time. I will return it just after my examination.
Sujon: Okay, no problem. Here is the book. Now tell me about your exams.
Sharmin: Exams are going on well. Overall preparation is good. 
Sujon: Well. Thank you. Wishing you all the best.  

Sharmin: You are most welcome. See you again.


 Write a Dialogue between you and your friend about lend a book.

Your want your friend to lend you a book.

Write a Dialogue between you and your friend about lend a book.

Myself : Hi friend, how are you?

My friend : Fine, thank you. How are you?

Myself : Fine. But I am very anxious of my study.

My friend : Why?

Myself : I have no English text book. would you please lend me your book?

My friend : Why not?

Myself : Thank you, I need it for two weeks. Would you give it for two weeks?

My friend : Sorry. I can give it only for a week.

Myself : Okay, I will return the book after a week. But could you give the book in the later.

My friend : Yes.

Myself : That will be very good for me. Thank you.

My friend : Welcome.

Rintu : Good morning, Rima.

Rima : Good morning.

Rintu : How're you?

Rima :  I'm fine thank you. How about you?

Rintu : I'm very well. What're you doing?

Rima : I'm reading a novel by Sharatchandra Chattapaddhay. He is a famous writer.

Rintu : Tell me somthing about the book.

Rima : Ok, it is a very interesting book. It is about rural life where we can see the real picture of our villages.

Rintu : Can I borrow it?

Rima : Yes, but you can take it after I've finished reading.

Rintu : When will I take this book?

Rima : You can take it after 2 days.

Rintu : Thank you.

Rima : You're wellcome.