Dialogue on Tree Plantation

Dialogue on Tree Plantation

6.  Suppose, you are Rina and you have a friend named Shelly, Trees help us in many ways. Now, write a dialogue between Rina and Shelly on tree plantation.


Rina   :  Hello, Shelly. How are you?

Shelly :  I am fine.

Rina   :  What do you think about tree plantation?

Shelly :  I think, it is undoubtedly very much important.

Rina   :  But would you please tell me how it is important?

Shelly :  Of course, why not? Trees are our best friends. Because they are the great source of food and vitamins.

Rina   :  Is there any other use of trees?

Shelly :  Yes, trees maintain a ecological balance. 

Rina   :  What is the other role do the trees play regarding human life?

Shelly :  Without trees life is quite impossible. Because they give us oxygen without which we cannot live a

moment. They also give us wood, vegetables and fruits. They protect us from storms. 

Rina   :  Now I understand that trees are really useful to us. We should save trees.

Shelly :  Yes, you are right.

Rina   :  So we must plant more and more trees.

Shelly :  Right, we must tell our people about the importance of trees.

Rina   :  Thank you so much.

Shelly :  It’s ok. You are most welcome.