UpWork Sample cover letter for Project Manager

Hello sir,

Thank you for providing such chance to help your team.

I’ve more than 10 many years experience as software creator (PHP,. Net, DB creating), team building as well as leading, project managing.

I started my very own team 6 year back from 1 person me and today this team includes ~50 higher qualified employees with really friendly bonds.

3-4 team members is an excellent number to work effectively with no bureaucracy.

The biggest problem associated with small teams is that certain person may do the same time frame N projects as the developer, PM and QA concurrently. It always leads in order to mess.

I am sure my experience can be good for your team.

Small guidance:
– separate duties: developers need to do only development staff, QA – just test app, PM – just do management.
– use Trello rather than Asana – it is actually free and easy. I believe it is even more useful to make use of simple Google Doc
– don’t try organize everything
– all associates must have good associations, no slaves and gods

I think that applying some improvements will require minimum time if your team wishes just like you.

My rate as PM HOURS is 50$/h and I will do all stuff related organizing your projects for free, because should you and your team trust me then this method will be easy as well as take less time, or else I cannot help.

Let possess a free phone/Skype conversation after which decide about this work.

Have a nice day time!!!