What is social bookmarking and What are the benefits of it – With 60 sites list

What is social bookmarking and What are the benefits of it – With 60 sites list

What is social bookmarking?We all know the importance of social bookmarking, web masters, site to seo is not an option. Social bookmarking basically fill out a virtual link. We usually when they were unable to find any significant website or web browser to save or bookmark. We can do exactly the same social bookmarking sites. However, the benefit from the link we can not enter any space and can easily share them with friends.And so we need to know the addresses of social bookmarking sites. Web master of this tune in mind. There have been more than 50 social bookmarking site addresses. I hope everyone will work.Save and share links according to the type of social bookmarking are three types.

    1. Private Social Bookmarking Site – this kind of saved links on social bookmarking sites, only he who save the sits can see them. This type of service is usually Google Bookmarks.

  2. Open Social Bookmarking Site – Links to share this kind of social bookmarking site is open to everyone. As a result, others can benefit from shared links. Digg social bookmarking site of the biggest examples of this kind.

 What are the benefits of social bookmarking services?

 Social bookmarking sites are not only limited to the bookmarking, social networking, rather than added to the services. The results of the search engines to display their special importance of social bookmarking. The major advantages of low social bookmarking highlighted are:

     # Any such links can be easily shared and stored.
     #To manage or adjust to keep up the necessary links are exquisitely.
    #  “DoFollow Backling” is available.
    # Visitor quality is available.
    # Exchange messages with other members, or to get in touch.
    #  And any group can join the group.
    #The social sharing buttons from any site to be easily bookmarking links.
   #  Others shared the link to find the necessary information easily available to yourself.
   #  Judging criteria for any links and additional information 
and contents can be added .

Top 10 HR Social Bookmarking Sites:

1.Google + : Page Rank – 9, Alexa Rank – 30

2.Pinterest : Page Rank – 9, Alexa Rank – 28

3.Tumblr : Page Rank – 8, Alexa Rank – 34

4.Reddit : Page Rank – 8, Alexa Rank – 68

5.Examiner : Page Rank – 8, Alexa Rank – 539

6.Digg : Page Rank – 7, Alexa Rank – 494

7.Delicious : Page Rank – 8, Alexa Rank – 1218

8.Squidoo : Page Rank – 6, Alexa Rank – 873

9.Slashdot :Page Rank – 7, Alexa Rank – 1629

10.Diigo : Page Rank – 7, Alexa Rank – 1987