The use of prepositions in details


The prepositions of place atinon




We sit in the room.

I see a house in the picture.

There are trout in the river.

He lives in Paris.

I found the picture in the paper.

He sits in the corner of the room.

There is a big tree in the middle of the garden.

He sits in the back of the car.

We arrive in Madrid.

He gets in the car.

She likes walking in the rain.

My cousin lives in the country.

There are kites in the sky.

He plays in the street. (BE)

She lives in a hotel.

The boys stand in a line.

He is in town.

I have to stay in bed.

The robber is in prison now.

You mustn’t park your car in front of the school.


She sits at the desk.

Open your books at page 10.

The bus stops at Graz.

I stay at my grandmother’s.

I stand at the door.

Look at the top of the page.

The car stands at the end of the street.

Can we meet at the corner of the street?

I met John at a party.

Write this information at the beginning of the letter.

Pat wasn’t at home yesterday.

I study economics at university.

The childen are at gandmother’s.

He’s looking at the park.

He always arrives late at school.


The map lies on the desk.

The picture is on page 10.

The photo hangs on the wall.

He lives on a farm.

Dresden lies on the river Elbe.

Men’s clothes are on the second floor.

He lives on Heligoland.

The shop is on the left.

My friend is on the way to Moscow.

When she was a little girl people saw unrealistic cowboy films on television.

Variable Prepositions

Variable prepositions can be sub-divided into three groups: time, place and ‘important others’:

(a) Time

Prepositions of Time













(b) Place/Position

Prepositions of Place and Position (1/2)

Prepositions of Place and Position (2/2)
















(c) ‘Other’

Other Useful Prepositions








Dependent Prepositions

Dependent prepositions… by a lovely coincidence of cosmic balance… can also be sub-divided into three groups: verb, adjective and noun.

(a) Verb + preposition

Verb and Dependent Preposition









(b) Adjective + preposition

Adjective and Dependent Preposition







(c) Noun + preposition

Noun and Dependent Preposition