SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2022 All Board

Here We have given the Solution of SSC English 2nd Paper Question. Check your answer and know your marks of this exam.

SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2022 All Board

Set: 02



[According to the Syllabus of 2022)


Subject Code:108

Time -2 hours

Full marks 50

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks]


Part A-Grammar

Marks 30



1.      Fill in the blanks with prepositions or articles. You have to put a 0-5×10-5 cross (x) where article is not needed.

It was 4 in the afternoon. Hamid was studying (a) the library when his cell phone rang. It was his younger sister, Runa. She said that she was standing (b) front of (c) shopping mall opposite Hamid's office and asked him to meet her there as soon as possible. Hamid hurried out of (d)- library. As he went (e)- the street, he noticed that Runa was not alone. She was holding(). three to four years old girl (g)- hand. (h) child was crying and Runa was trying frantically (1) to pacify her. Some passers-by were looking (7) them suspiciously. When he reached her, she started to explain.

2. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in 0-5×10-5


the box:












Bangladesh is full of natural resources. The of the country (a) -on the proper utilization of the resources. We should not (b)- a lazy life. We should all (c) our country. For this reason, we have to (d) nation can prosper without industry. It should be (e) industry is the key to success. If we (f) (g) behind. The nations that (h) up hard. No. that the days away, we industrious (0 the pinnacle of development. So, we () -them.


3. Change the following sentences according to the directions:

(a) Bangladesh is a low-lying country (Change it into Interrogative)

(b) Every year natural disasters visit us. (Change it into passive voice) (c) Who does not know the consequence of Tsunami?

(Change it into Assertive sentence)

(d) The recent flood was very devastating (Change it into Exclamatory sentence) on

(e) Dhaka is the most risky city in the earthquake (Change it into Positive degree)


4. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with root words given in the parenthesis:


The aim of (a)- -(educate) is to make a man fully equipped to be (b) (use) to himself and to society. A (c) (true) educated person (d) (e) (thought), sympathetic and co-operative. He should be should be self-reliant with regard to his (person) needs. He should be well-mannered. (truth), honest, punctual and (g) (duty) Punctuality is a virtue that makes a nation (h)- -(prosper). An educated person tries to (i) (move) the suffering of his countrymen. He also helps others in attaining () (self-reliant),


5. Make tag questions of these statement:


(a) Everybody wants to lead a better life,


(b) A better life seldom comes without hard work,


(c) We have to work hard for this,


(d) But most of us can hardly do the job,


(e) Actually, life is not a bed of roses,


6. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the 0-5×10-5 following text:


have you killed the rats said the mayor yes i have replied the piper give me the promised money how funny you are said the mayor take only fifty


Part B Composition


Marks 20


7. Suppose, you are Samira/Shamim and you have passed B.Sc Hon's in Chemistry. You have seen a circular for the post of Medical Representative in a renowned company. Now, write a CV with a cover letter for the post.    10



8. Suppose, you are Sami/Sara living in Sylhet. You went to Dhaka by train yesterday. You lost your goods while going to Dhaka. Now, write a letter to the Chief Operating Officer of Bangladesh Railway complaining about your missing goods.


Answer to Question No. 1


a) at b) in c) the d) the e) down f) a g) in h) the I) x j) at


Answer to Question No. 2


a) depends b) lead c) build d) work e) remembered f) idle g) will lag/ may lag h) was i) reached j) should follow.


Answer to Question No. 3


a) isn't Bangladesh a low-laying country?


b) we are visited by natural disosters every year.


c) Everybody.. knows the consequences of Tsunami.


d) how devastating the reeend flood was!


e) no other city in the earthauake yone is so/as risky as dhaka. 

Answer to Question No. 4

a) Education


b) used


c) truely


 d) personal


e) thoughtful


.f) truthful


g) dutiful


h) prasperous.


i) remove


J) self-relianee


Answer to Question No. 5

a) don't the?

■ b) does it?

■ c) haven't we?

d) can we?

■ e) is it?

Answer to Question No. 6

"Have you killed the rats?" said the may. "Yes, I have." said the piper. "Give me the promised money." "how fanny! " Said thr mayor." we can not give you sp much money. Take only fifty.