Active to passive Voice


Active to passive Voice:

Active Voice

(a) We made him captain.

(b) Always speak the truth.

(c) Do not open the door.

(d) Have you read the book?

(e) He will teach us English.

(f) Who has broken the plate?

(g) The book is printing.

(h) Nobody knows him here.

(i) Whom do you call?

(j) My watch was stolen.

(k) Let a letter be written y me.

(l) Rice is sold in the market.

(m) By whom will the bill be paid?

(n) His brother was hurt by him.

(o) English is spoken all over the world.

(p) The book was placed on the table.

(q) I am surprised at his conduct.

(r) Rome was not built in a day.

(s) He is well known to me.

Passive Voice

(a) He was made captain by us.

(b) Let the truth be always spoken.

(c) Let not the door be opened.

(d) Has the book been read by you?

(e) English will be taught us by him. (or)

We shall be taught English by him.

(f) By whom has the plate been broken?

(g) The book is being printed.

(h) He is not known here

(i) Who is called by?

(j) Some one stole my watch.

(k) Let me write a letter.

(l) Rice sells in the market.

(m) Who will pay the bill?

(n) He hurt his brother.

(o) People speak English all over the world.

(p) Someone placed the book on the table.

(q) His conduct surprises me.

(r) The Romans did not build Rome in a day.

(s) I know him well.