SSC English 2nd Paper Supper Suggestion Exam 2014

SSC English 2nd Paper  Supper Suggestion Exam 2014 ( Full )”Dhaka Board”

Grammar :  (All Board Questions 2010—– 1013)

# Paragraph***

***1.Traffic jam. *******
***2.Moonlight Night *******
***3.A street hawker.
***4.A winter morning.
***5.Tree plantation *******

# Composition***

1 .A journey boy boat
***2.A village fair *******
*** 3.Population Problem of Bangladesh.
***4.News paper. *******

# Application

***3.Set up the school Canteen. *******
***4.Study tour  *******
***5.Set in the school hostile *******

# Dialogue

***1.early rising…*******
***2.Environment pollution.
***3.Preparation for the  exam. *******
***4.Aim in life.
***5.Opening a bank account.
***6.Important of the tree plantation –

# Completing Story***
    1.On a summer day…..a crow got very thirsty.
***2.A farmer had three sons…..
***3.Once a lion was sleeping…*******
***4.A Farmer had a wonderful goose….
***5.There lived a wood cutter….*******