Completing Sentence: Provided / provided that / providing that / if / whether/when / in case

Provided / provided that / providing that / if / whether/when  / in case

(a) Sub1 + verb ——- + provided / provided that / providing that / if / whether / in case + sub2 + verb + Extention.

(b) Present tense + ~ + present/future tense.

Past tense + ~ + past tense.



1. She will shine in life provided that she works hard.

2. The plane will take off provided the weather is good.

3. I must agree to go providing that my expenses are paid.

4. We will help you if circumstances favour us.

5. I’ve bought a chicken in case her sister stays to lunch.

6. I’m not sure whether/if I’ll have time.

7. Let’s buy a bottle of wine in case Roger comes.

8. He can lend you the money provided that you repay it in time.

9. Don’t forget to visit the museum in case you go there.

10. You could get the job provided that you had good result.

11. If it rained, I went by rickshaw.

12. If his father bought chocolates, he always gave me some.

13. If/when you boil water, it evaporates.

14. If/when people earn more, they spend more.

15. If/when you hungry, have a banana.

16. If/when a balloon is filled with air, it floats.

17. If/when you heat water to 100 degrees,  it boils.

18. If/when you eat too much, you get fat.

19. We cannot keep our body fit  if/when we do not have a balanced diet.