suffix and prefix: To become sure of doing well in the examination………

Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text.

To become sure of doing well in the examination, you have to be attentive to studies. Regular practice can (a) sure your better performance. But if you are (b) attentive and  (c) regularyou cannot expect to do so.  Remember that (d) regularity will result in (e ) satisfactoryperformance. Our students know this. But still many of them fail to show better (f) perform because they are (g) neglect of their duties we must believe that willful (h) negligentis a crime.

Ans:  (a) ensure (b) inattentive (c) irregular (d) irregularity (e) unsatisfactory (f) performance (g) neglectful (h) negligence