HSC English 2nd Paper Supper Suggestion 2014 Dhaka Board updated


 1. Right form of verb .

Television is ———————— all.

1.    It is a great depart of ————— knowledge


2.    Dear,  All over the country

3.    Dear, Early in the morning


4.    Robinson Cruse is a sailour

4. Idoms & Phrase:

gaple up,  of and on, go through,  un one with, over and over, gran hours , on the sly, lion share,

5.  Narration:


5.    Have you finish your noble


*Book is one —————-

*Cricket is very exciting ——

 7.Tag Question:

*Let’s  discus the matter, Shall we?

*A barking dog seldom bites,  does it?

8.Completing Sentence

6.    Run fast lest you should miss the train.

7.    I can not help  doing the work.

8.    The train left the station after I had reached the station.

9.    The boy is too week   to walk.

10.                 The time that has gone


11.                 Great nice a farmer

12.                 A lion is sleeping in a forest


13.                 Physical exercise

14.                 Preparation of exam


15.                 Library facilities

16.                 To open a bank account


17.                 Road accident


18.                 A place of historical interest

19.                 Deforestation

20.                 Femail  education