English Second Paper: SSC Model Question Paper with Answer For Short syllabus of 2022

SSC Model Question: 1

1. Fill in the blanks with prepositions & articles. Put a cross (x) where no article is needed. 0.5 x 10 = 5

The development (a) — a nation is not (b) — easy task. It depends (c) — the willingness and sacrificing attitude of (d) — valiant sons and daughters of the soil. They don’t work for any appreciation or reward (e) — themselves. Their vision is to make the world a better place to live in. They are always proud of undertaking selfless (f) — ventures. Their mission is to serve (g) — greater interest of humanity. They spend their lives (h) — the welfare of people, the society and the country as a whole. People (i) — such vision and mission help uphold the dignity of (j) — nation

2. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box                 0.5 x 10 = 5

kill know waste save say advise use be forget wait

Some proverbs are very much (a) — to us. ‘Time and tide (b) — for none,’ ‘a stitch in time (c) — nine.’ We easily (cl) — others about importance of time but we (e) — about ourselves. None of us (I) —- careful about the (g) — of time. We (h) — all about time but we (i) — our time. By using network always we are (j) — our valuable time.

3.Change the following sentences according to directions.                                                   1×5 = 5

(a)A frugal man does not like to spend money without reasons. (Affirmative)
(b) A frugal man targets to save money for future. (Passive)
(c) A frugal man is happier than a prodigal man, (Positive)
(d) Bangladesh is a very low-lying country. (Exclamatory)
(c) We must use it for good purpose. (Negative)

4.  Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis. 0.5 x 10 = 5

The (a) — (ward) beauty of man is not his substantial beauty. His (b) — (ward) beauty makes him a bonafide man. Everyone has certain (c) — (bom) qualities whereby he can become a (d) — (use) man and thus a (e) — (celebrate) person. So, we may say that (f) — (in) values are more important than (g)— (out) ones. But it is very sad that we remain (h) — (careful) about our mental development. We always remain busy with how to (i) — (rich) our outer show which is really (j) — (value).

5. Make tag questions of the following statements.                                                            1×5 = 5

  • Your class teacher looked for you yesterday, —?
    • Yes. He was checking out our haircut. You knowT I am a student of BNMPC, —?
    • Whatever. A student should always be proper in his uniform and haircut, —?
    • I always try to follow that, —?
    • These are for our own good. Let’s be a good student, —?

6.  Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.    0.5 x 10 = 5

who are happy those wTho have fit bodies are the happiest ones if we are physically sound we will be mentally sound too we need to take care of our health as well as be positive in thinking how lucky they are who are both ways fit.

7. Suppose, you are Rubina/Raihan and you have passed SSC. You have seen a vacancy ad for the position of an assistant mobile operator in a mobile company. Now write a CV with a cover letter for the post. Your CV should not exceed one page.                                                                                                                                                         10

8. Imagine, you are Asish Kumar Roy of BAF Shaheen College, Chattogram and you are in class. For the last few months anti-social activities in your area have increased manifold. The people of your area are now panic-stricken. Now, write an application to the offcer-in-charge of your Police Station requesting him to take steps to control anti-social elements/ activities. 10